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Measuring Equipment




Vifa TC14SG + TC20SD - Bookshelf

Visaton 2xW100SC + G25ND - Bookshelf

Visaton TI100 + MHT12 - Bookshelf

Visaton AL170A + DSM25 FFL - Bookshelf

Visaton AL170A + KE25SC - Ovum Visaton SC13 + SC5 Bookshelf


Visaton 2xAL170A + DSM50 + DSM25 Center Speaker Visaton 2xAL170A + DSM25 Center Speaker
Keiga KG-5150 + Visaton TIW200XS Peerless 831864 Bandpass 4th Order


Visaton AL200 + DSM50 +DSM25 - Floorstander

2xVisaton AL170A + KE25SC - TL

Visaton 2xW170SC + W100SC + G20SC - TL

Visaton B80 - TQWT Horn

Visaton SC13 + SC5 - TQWT

Visaton 2xAL170A + DSM50 + DSM25

Visaton 2xTI100 + MHT12 - TQWT

Visaton B200



Visaton W170SC + G20SC - Floorstander

Visaton BGS40 + B200 + Fostex FT96 - Semi Open Baffle




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